Top 10 reasons for teaching in Qingdao

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1. Enjoy the Incredible Nature!

Sea mountain, Laoshang

Laoshan sides by the ocean and locates in the east of Qingdao.

The beauty of the scenery in Laoshan will bedaze you. 

2. Enjoy gorgeous  beaches and sea!

Qingdao is near the ocean, with 15 public beaches


You wonder like to sunbathe on the beach, swim in the ocean, play volleyball with your friends.


The "paradise” attracts millions of tourists every year.

3.Enjoy the Delicious Food!

You can taste all kinds of delicious food in Qingdao.

Qingdao is across the sea  to Japan and Korea, you can have 

authentic Japanese and Korean food in the city.

Qingdao as an international city with a large number of foreigners,

 you can also enjoy delicious western food here.

Of course, you can also enjoy delicious Chinese food in Qingdao. 

Qingdao is a paradise for seafood. The seafood at low prices is gorgeous and fresh here. 

At the sametime, you can also enjoy all Chinese delicacies in Qingdao,

 such as Peking duck, Chongqing hot pot,Sichuan spicy food and Guangdong dim sum.

4. Enjoy modern city!

Qingdao is a modern coastal city with a population of 9.2905 million in Shandong province. 

It is across the sea to Korea and Japan, and between Beijing and Shanghai.

As an international city, Qingdao has hosted the sailing competition of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and  2014 World Horticultural Exhibitions. In this year, the city will host the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) summit.

living in Qingdao is convenient 

with high quality of life and low cost of living.

If you live in a super city, 

you would be stuck in crazy pressure. 

But if you teach in Qingdao,

 you would feel comfortably.

5. Enjoy friendly locals!

The locals are enthusiastic and friendly, 

and there are a million of foreigners living here. 

You will be no worried about making friends.

6. Enjoy the beer!

Tsingtao beer was one of the earliest beer production enterprises, it

founded in 1903 by British and German. 

It is made from high quality barley, rice,

 hops and sweet Mt.Laoshan mineral water in Qingdao.

7. Enjoy the history !

Qingdao Jimo ancient town is one of the most historical cities in China

Qingdao has  occupied by Japan in the history. You can feel Japanese culture on some streets.

Qingdao was once occupied by Germany in history, so there are many gothic buildings here.

8. Enjoy the environment!

The climate of Qingdao is beautiful, 

and has been rated as one of the most livable cities in China.

Fresh clean air

9. Enjoy diverse culture!

You can be shrouded by diverse cultures

Mt.Laoshan is one of the origins of Chinese traditional Taoist culture

Many scholars lived in Qingdao

Qingdao has 20 universities and many international schools and kindergartens

10 . Enjoy Festival!

Royal party on Ocean festival every summer!

Qingdao International Beer Festival is the symbol of the city

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